Original Folio

When you want to see the "original", or at least as close as we have, you go to the First Folio. There are several places online now that have scanned them in so you can browse from your laptop:

Complete Texts of the Plays

Shakespeare @ MIT is my favored site when I need to cite something out of the text. There are many, many versions of the works online, not counting the one I have in my iPhone. I like the MIT one for the simple reason that the whole play is in a single, lightly formatted file, so if I'm looking for a certain quote I can just load up a single page and search without having to figure out on my own what act/scene I need. I typically just google straight for something like "Hamlet full text" and it drops me on the MIT site.

Shakespeare Searched wins the search battle for those times when you need to see if Shakespeare ever said anything about teeth, for example (such as if you're sitting in the dentist's chair and looking for stuff to Twitter, like I was this morning). Clusty wins because it treats the source material correctly, not just as any other stream of text. You can organize your results by play, speaker, and even context. Does the plays as well as the sonnets, so you're covered on all bases.

What People Are Saying

Twitter Search. Believe it or not I have a widget running on my desktop that feeds me a steady stream of people talking about Shakespeare on Twitter. Most of it is people complaining about their homework, or randomly quoting him out of context, or complaining about how much they hate him. But it takes negligible time to ignore that stuff, and occasionally you get the good links you might otherwise have missed, so it's totally worth it.

Shakespeare Wedding Quotes

I got tired of hearing sonnet #116 read at every wedding I attended, and watching people quote the same old lines from Romeo and Juliet over and over again.  So I decided to do something about it, and set about compiling the definitive guide to Shakespeare's most romantic lines.  Specifically the guide ended up being focused on Shakespeare wedding quotes - the sort of thing you might say in a reading, during exchange of vows, a best man speech, or maybe even the proposal!  The result is well over 100 hand-chosen quotes across all the works, organized by where they'd be most useful, and, when necessary, translated into "modern English" so you know what you're saying.

Visit Hear My Soul Speak for more information!


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