Sunday, November 21, 2010

Congratulations, Shakespeare's Pizza!

Even though it constantly gets in the way of my Twitter streams :), I don't mention Shakespeare's Pizza (Columbia, MO) that much.There's two reasons for that. First, I don't know exactly what it has to do with *our* Shakespeare. I mean, I don't talk about the music group Shakespeare's Sister much either.

Second, I'm totally jealous that people in Missouri get to actually say stuff like "Hey I'm going over to Shakespeare's to get a beer," and I don't. :( A we have in Boston is stinkin' Cheers, and that's been off the air for ages. ;)

But, seriously, Shakespeare's just won Good Morning America's Best Bites : College Edition competition. So not only do they have the best name, like, ever, but they've got a dedicated following and apparently pretty killer food to boot. Congratulations!

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Angela said...

In Sarasota, Florida (where I am currently residing), the best burger in town is at Shakespeare's Pub.