Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As You Puppet


As You Like It, for kids – with stuffed animal puppets.  Sounds like the kind of thing I’d rush to, if it wasn’t in Toronto.  But, hey, maybe some of my readers are in the neighborhood.

[If anybody knows of local performance like this, variations on Shakespeare for kids, please let me know. I’m happy to spread the word.  I can’t post every announcement about every adult traditional Shakespeare show, but I do like to help popularize the kid versions.]


Giles said...

I know the Flying Karamozov Brothers (a juggling troupe) do a funny version of Comedy of Errors, or at least they used to. It's on youtube. As for other takes on Shakespeare I found a compelling comparison at Pandalous between Shakespeare and Lil' Wayne. It's here: http://www.pandalous.com/nodes/on_shakespeare_and_lil

Eccles said...

If you like unconventional interpretations of Shakespeare's plays look out for Shakespeare 4 Kidz.Their shows condense the plays with bits of original text, modern language, songs and dance to make entertainments for all ages. There are lots of laughs - even inHamlet!
See www.shakespeare4kidz.com and yiou can find out how to buy a Put on a Play pack and DIY!