Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hamlet Roundtable

Just so nobody misses a passing reference in the comments, I wanted to make this item a post of its own.  Nigel Beale is hosting a "Hamlet roundtable" on Thursday of this week featuring four "prominent lit bloggers".  I'm not really sure what prominent means in this case, but they are:

http://wutheringexpectations.blogspot.com/   (Amateur Reader)

http://fernham.blogspot.com   (Anne Fernald)

http://www.sarahweinman.com/confessions/ (Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind)

http://www.edrants.com/ (Edward Champion's Filthy Habits)


They do each appear to reference Shakespeare frequently, although I'm sure how often they are writing specifically *about* Shakespeare.  I think I may have linked the Idiosyncratic Mind one once or twice.

Anyway, sounds like it could be worth a watch.  They do appear to be a fairly deep lot (at least, relative to this blog), so your mileage may vary.

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Alan K.Farrar said...

Mr Misery hat on:

Another Hamlet scramble. I get very suspicious, especially at this end of the 20th century (ie we are out of it) that the 18/19th Centuries' obsession with Hamlet persists.
I partly blame the schools arcane curriculums (well, always a good start - and deliberate speling).
Such an awful, incomplete text; such misunderstanding and twisting of character to fit petty teenage angst - such a low level intellectual exercise.
No wonder Shakespeare is a major league turn off.