Monday, April 07, 2008

An Animated Hamlet, Too?

Hamlet A.D.D. is set entirely in front of a green screen, with live actors in an animated world. 


Dear lord, that's a surefire way to F*** with my head.  Just the other day a coworker challenged me to listen to that stupid song all the way through.  I lasted 17 seconds.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'll leave it up to you to google "chocolate rain" (it's nothing offensive, unless you speak of the quality).  Don't say you weren't warned.


Bill said...

It gets worse. Did you see what came after Osric?

Majel Barrett ... Queen Robot (voice)
Trace Beaulieu ... Evil Robot (voice)
Leslie Hall ... Herself
Sam Norman ... Communications officer

Oh, and Bernardo is being played by Screech.

I will look forward to your review.

Duane said...

So...Screech, the Star Trek lady and the MST3K guy I recognize on sight...but I'm afraid that Leslie Hall and Sam Norman haven't exactly become household names yet. I had to google them. And I'd never even heard of "gem sweater".

At least none of the other "internet sensations" are actually playing Shakespearean characters, though, Bill. The Chocolate Rain dude might actually have to speak a real Shakespearean line or two, in which case my head will spontaneously asplode.

Gedaly said...

Haha. It's a fun thought, isn't it? We'll see if it actually happens. Maybe it'll have some real gems entertainment value.

Gosh, optimism is hard sometimes.

Andrew said...

Don't worry guys, I have a feeling this movie is going to be very interesting.

I'm excited!

Duane said...

Coincidentally, the director of the movie is named Andrew. How about that?

Hi Andrew! When's your movie coming out? We'll have a screening. And then possibly a burning, and maybe a beating :). Nah, not really. Just don't let any of the "internet sensations" actually speak any Shakespeare dialogue, unless you're being ironic.