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Popular posts is really something of a chicken and egg problem -- did I get the Google traffic because it was a quality post that people came to, commented on and linked back to? Or did I get lots of comments because I got lots of traffic from Google for some other reason?

Anyway, here's quick links to the most popular posts on Shakespeare Geek:

  • Our first official Guide to Gifts for the Shakespeare Geek!
  • Shakespeare Wedding Quotes. I actually ended up so intrigued by the subject that I wrote a book on it.  
  • How Old Is Romeo?  Far and away the most popular link on my blog, this one continues to get comments over three years after it was posted.
  • Shakespeare as Bob Dylan  This one was a fluke, but a fascinating one.  A music friend of mine made the connection, I posted about it, then looked in my logs the next day to see a *huge* spike in traffic.   It was like being on  Why?  Because somebody spotted the reference and linked me to a Bob Dylan news aggregator.  Alas I think most of them went away unsatisfied, as I didn't get many comments on the post.
  • Tips for Memorizing Shakespeare  Every high school and college student will need this at one time or another.  I should really revisit this one and bring it up to speed with the latest suggestions on how best to memorize Shakespeare passages.
  • Oh Great, The Filthy Shakespeare Movement Is Back  I know why this one is so popular -- it's because I'm linked in on the text "hey nonny nonny".  Everybody wants to know what it means, and the Filthy Shakespeare book claimed to have the answer (it being a dirty answer, you see).  Truthfully I still don't think I understand what it's supposed to mean.