Monday, October 01, 2012

Theme Song Shakespeare : A Kingdom For A Horse, Of Course

One day, Bardfilm's boss is going to learn where I live, fly here and punch me out.  Because his best Shakespeare professor has real day job work to do, and I do things like plant "ear memes" into his brain on a Friday afternoon guaranteeing that no real work gets done for the next few days.

But we benefit!   Here's only a portion of what Bardfilm left on my doorstop this morning...

[The youngsters in the audience are directed here, in case they don't recognize the tune.  Now get off our lawn, ya whipper snappers, we're trying to sing along ;)]

Hello, I’m Richard the Third.
My kingdom for a horse, of course.
And no one can talk to me of remorse
Unless, of course, I get no horse and I end up being dead.
I have no remorse for Anne, of course,
though I caused her death (instead of divorce).
I'm always on a steady course--until I end up dead.
Richmond yakkity yaks a streak and wastes my Bosworth Field.
But Richard, in winters of discontent, will never, never yield!
So go check the source (Sir Thomas Morse)
And you'll see my crown on a bush of gorse.
You want a kingdom for a horse?
Well, listen to this.
Whoops! I guess I'm dead.

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