Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sorry Folks, No Nude Juliet

Following up on our previous story about 14yr old Hainlee Steinfeld possibly getting naked for her turn as Juliet, the director has confirmed that it's not happening. The rumor came about because the script - which clearly says "get naked" - had been leaked, so when the 14yr old was cast, it didn't take long to put 2 and 2 together.

The script was written with a 20yr old actress, the director tells us. Once an age-appropriate Juliet was cast, they went back and snipped all the naked stuff.

I will cut the director some slack for assuming that he was using the gossip mill to generate buzz for his movie with the story. I won't, however, forgive him for the quote in the original story where he said that he went with a 14 yr old girl for Juliet because "that's the way Shakespeare did it."


Anonymous said...

Well if he REALLY wants to do it the way Shakespeare did, he could have cast Juliet being a 14 year old boy.

American Delight said...

The script was "leaked"? Wait, wasn't the script written & published about four hundred years ago?

Duane said...

Would you have preferred I said "screenplay"? Somebody has to write in those "And then they take their clothes off...." stage directions!

catkins said...

Hype or no, I am really looking forward to the production. I thought Hallie Steinfeld was superb in True Grit and I can't wait to see how she does with Shakespeare.

Duane said...

What's interesting, Carl, is that during press for True Grit she was one of the ones making the Shakespeare comparison:

I wonder if she was already in talks for the Shakespeare project, and it was on her mind?