Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Shakespearification of Jersey Shore?

We've spoken before about that sign of the apocalypse known as Jersey Shore, and what it has to do with Shakespeare.

Well here's the latest link in a chain of events heading us straight for the end of the world - one of the "actors" (I don't know or care what his name is, Vinnie something) is apparently trying to become a "real" actor, and credits his Shakespeare background with giving him a boost.

If you can't bear to click on the link I'll save you the pain - he mentions Shakespeare, they ask him for some, he busts out "Wherefore art thou, Romeo", and one of the hosts says "Yeah, but Juliet says that." I wonder if Vinnie played the girl's role? Whatever would the boys at the gym think!


Sharky said...

...was that the only line from Romeo and Juliet that he knew of?

william sutton said...

Looking forward to watching him embarass himself onstage. Maybe Daniel Radcliffe can get some tips?