Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seventh Graders, on Shakespeare

Once more unto the breach, dear Keri, once more! Keri Ellis Cahill, founder and guiding light of Rebel Shakespeare, is once again in front of a classroom bringing the good words to the children. She's done this many, many times over her career, but this time she's posting her experience on Facebook. With permission, I present her list of actual quotes overheard in her class:

Q: "Why did teen boys play all the roles in Shakespeare's day?"

A: "Because the money was so good!"

Q: "Tell me something about Shakespeare's family."

A: "They're all dead."

Q: "Over the entrance to the Globe Theatre, a phrase in Latin says Totus Mondus Agit Histrionem. What does that mean?"

A: "Come on in!"

Q: (to Lysander) "When Hermia says Whither away? to Helena, what should be happening?"

A: "Ummmm....she should shrivel up. Or at least, fall down."

Overheard: "OMG we're getting casted today! I hope I get Hernia!"

More to come as soon as she stops laughing long enough to transcribe them :). I've seen the Rebels do their thing a number of times now, and plan to continue for a long time.


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