Monday, December 06, 2010

Puzzle Winner!

Did everyone enjoy last weeks puzzle? How did you do? I promised to announce the name of the winner and that person is ... Alexi! I hope he doesn't mind, since he sent me the following for a different topic, but here's a little about Alexi (who you've probably spotted in the comments section on a regular basis):
Alexi is an aspiring thespian and director from Philadelphia. Alexi is a high school senior whose interests include Shakespeare, card games, and writing about himself in third person.

Alexi actually got all 50 names in a matter of hours from the time I posted, which either made the puzzle too easy or makes him a serious puzzle geek ;). Great job, Alexi - I'm currently working on an even harder puzzle. Now stop procrastinating and do your homework. :)


Bill said...

Nice work, Alexi!

Check out this Shakespeare puzzle I posted over 4 years ago:

Duane solved it, but didn't post his answers, only enough to demonstrate that he had done it.

Perhaps you will be the one to head on over and finally put it to rest.

Duane said...

Wow, over 4 years ago. Way to make me feel old! :)

Now I'm torn, though, as I have the answer (which I had to recreate, it's not like I kept it around!) but I still don't like spoiling the fun for others. I bet Alexi's already solved it, though :)