Thursday, November 18, 2010

My 4yr old Hamlet

Working on my computer at home yesterday, my 4yr old son comes running into the room. He's been on the family computer, playing what they call The Shakespeare Game, an animated flash thing we've talked about before where a modern actor dressed like Shakespeare asks process-of-elimination questions about characters until you finally guess the right answer ("The character I'm thinking about was not a friend of Romeo." So, cross out Mercutio. You get the idea.)

Anyway, 4yr old comes flying into the room to announce, "Daddy Daddy Daddy! I'm playing the Shakespeare game? And the question was Hamlet? And I got the right answer!"

"Great job!" I say. "High five!"

The boy delivers an acceptable high five, and then without missing a beat leaves his hand up in the air almost as if holding Yorick's skull and says, "To be....or not to be. That is the question." And then runs back into the room to play more.

I love my house.

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