Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sci-Fi Shakespeare

A long, long time ago, 1950’s science fiction movies gave us Forbidden Planet, based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest. There’s a new Tempest coming out this year, and I notice that there’s a remake of Forbidden Planet in the works, scheduled for 2013.

But it makes me wonder (maybe this is a good question for Keith @ Bardfilm, if he’s listening), is that it? Anybody got any other true science fiction movies that have more than a passing nod at Shakespeare?

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kj said...

Since you're so good as to shout me out by name, I'll comment. Brief let me be, however, since I'm dashing around a lot this morning.

First, the main integration I know of (beyond the one you mention) is Star Trek. There's a lot there:

There's also several connections between Doctor Who and Shakespeare:

. . . and other, briefer moments.

Would MST3K count?

Let me ponder some more. Beyhond Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Forbidden Planet, I don't follow Science Fiction films that much.