Monday, June 28, 2010

Atlanta Needs Money

Every year around this time, The Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta holds their fundraising drive.  This year they're heading for $50,000 having been promised a matching gift that would bring them up to $100k.

The Tavern is very highly regarded for their "original practice" style, and we've spoken of them often here on the blog.  One of their staff, Ann, has been a regular contributor in the past (though I'm not sure if she's still hanging out with us).  If you've got some bucks to donate and want to support Shakespeare, Atlanta can certainly put your generosity to good use.


AnnMCN said...

~waves~ Yes, I'm still here, but have been swamped with earning a living. So good of you to mention the fundraiser, It's a very specific one, with the goal of finding productions of the four remaining plays of the Shakespeare canon during the next year (there were five, but we just finished Coriolanus). Here's the link for the details:

gypsyariana said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the plug! We did meet our goal, and are planning on doing the remaining four plays that we've never done next season.

*waves to Ann* Hello, friend! Fancy meeting you here! :)