Friday, May 07, 2010

Sir Ian Being Awesome. (Is That Redundant?)

Hat tip to Ian Thal today (via his Facebook wall) for bringing us this story about Sir Ian McKellen being mistaken for a homeless person!  Seems he was taking a break from his production of Waiting for Godot, and for whatever reason had his upturned hat at his feet.  Someone threw him a dollar.
"If that man would like to identify himself, we would like to invite him to come and see Waiting For Godot. And if he insists on paying, we'll knock a dollar off the ticket price."
Bonus, for the curious, when Sir Ian explains who exactly "Godot" is supposed to be, in case you never really understood it when you read it in high school :).  When I was a teenager working at the supermarket I'd pull into the parking lot and often run into the situation where a person had stopped their car in the middle of the lane to wait and leech the parking space of a person filling their groceries into the trunk.  Inevitably I'd drive a couple yard farther down, park, walk back and still the car would be waiting there, under some strange mistaken math that told them they'd be saving time by getting a closer space.  "Mr. Godot's not coming today," I would say through their windshield.  "Surely tomorrow."

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