Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Shakespeare Day!

I like to think of today as "Shakespeare Day" in general rather than Shakespeare's Birthday.  Makes it seem bigger and more important, and gives me an excuse to pretty much do Shakespeare stuff all day.  Talk like him.  Read him, read about him.  Go see him performed.  Tell people about him.  That latter tends to be how I spend my day, talking Shakespeare to anybody that I can corner.

Alas, I have a day job schedule that doesn't lend itself well to taking my own personal holiday off (not when the kids' spring vacation was this week and my own birthday is next week), so I'll be at work today.  But! I've queued up a bunch of posts, hoping to break my own record of 10 in a day, and I'll try my best to keep tabs on what else is going on and update here.

What about you?  Got links to your own celebration? Consider this your invitation to post them!


JM said...
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JM said...

What Would You Write on a Card to the Bard?

If you had the opportunity to write a short something to Shakespeare on his birthday card, what would it be?

Thanks to ShakespeareGeek for the link space. JM