Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shakespeare and The Muppets

Everybody knows it’s the anniversary of Sesame Street this week, and I’d be late to the game if I broke out a bunch of “Shakespeare on Sesame Street” moments. Mostly since we’ve been down those roads before.

Instead I’ll link to this story by Stefanie C. Peters (my Twitter pal) about the actual timeline of Shakespeare references across the lifetime of the muppets.  We all know about Patrick Stewart doing the B thing, and Cookie’s Monsterpiece Theatre bits.  But what about *before* that?  How about Rowlf the Dog on the Jimmy Dean show?  Shakespeare there, too.  How about before *that*?  I admit, I’ve seen the Rowlf stuff but anything before that was new to me.

Worth the read just for the description of hypothetical(??) musical “Kermit, Prince of Denmark.”

Anybody that knows me and this blog at all knows I would so be standing in line for that, with three little geeklets in tow.


American Delight said...

The muppets have another Shakespeare parallel in that they were all originally "played" by males.

Sorry, Kermit--Miss Piggy was a dude all along!

Fester said...

Did you happen to see Christopher Reeve do Hamlet/Brush Up your Shakespeare?
I just found it on You-tube.