Tuesday, August 04, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be? Why Not Both?


I’ve seen much talk of Undead Shakespeare, but this I believe is different:

There’s something rotten in the State of Denmark, boys and girls, and it isn’t the cheese. Rather, it’s the putrefying bodies of the undead, rising up to take control of Denmark away from King Fortinbras (Ben Cunis). But Fortinbras, clever lad that he is, has his own scheme, which involves reanimating the corpse of the Lady Ophelia (Amy Quiggins), to join reanimated corpses from other plays – specifically, Juliet (Megan Reichelt) and Lady Macbeth (Katie Atikinson) – as a trio of zombie-butt-kicking heroines allied with monster-slayer Horatio (Andres Tolero).

Just sounds fun, doesn’t it?  The review itself is quite the piece of work as well:

Under the direction of the fine fight choreographer Casey Kaleba, they fight each other, bite each other, throw each other around the room, poke each other, smoke each other, and send each other to their doom.

Sounds like something Macbeth’s wyrd sisters (who are also in the cast, by the way)  might say, about so fair and foul a play.

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