Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something Awesome This Way Comes

Ok, it’s moments like this why Twitter rocks.  Guess what’s coming?  Guess what’s coming??

Flash back to July, 2007, when I first learned that illusionist Teller (of Penn and Teller fame) is actually quite the Shakespeare geek himself, and was about to embark on a blood and magic filled Macbeth production.

Well, it’s available on DVD (soon) and I’ve already got my copy pre-ordered.  They’ve cut a deal with Simon and Schuster to include it as supplemental material with a new release of the Folger text.

I was going to go snoop around S&S’s press kit and see if I could beg a review copy, but to heck with it, sign me up.  Want.  May not ever show the kids, but it’s got to go in my collection!

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CSmith said...

Thanks for pre-ordering!
I got to see it live onstage (and met Teller in the gift shop) and THEN had a hand in editing the Special Features. I'm SUPER excited about my own copy coming soon, and I hope you enjoy it!