Friday, August 28, 2009

Bring It, Emile Hirsch

An interview with Emile Hirsch, mostly about his new movie “Taking Woodstock” but at the end there’s a paragraph on the upcoming Hamlet he’s doing with Catherine Hardwicke.

But I have to say we're doing stuff with this script that's going to give the average Shakespeare scholar cardiac arrest. That's part of the kick, to like beat the geeks.

The geeks say, bring it.  I’ve got space for you on my wall right under Ethan Hawke, hippie.

1 comment:

JM said...

" beat the geeks."

"like" What?

He also, they want to do like... a Baz Luhrman like take. Do for Hamlet what Luhrman did like... for R&J.
(he like says "like" a whole lot)

Apparently this has quite the definitive word on Shakespeare "interpretation".

Like...a "Baz Luhrman" Hamlet...
like...I'm on like... tenterhooks.
Pass me a bucket so I don't like, puke on the floor.