Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bluff Called

Last night, while rocking my son (who’s coming up on 3) to sleep:

“What song do you want me to sing?”


Love it.  “One of the sonnets, or maybe something from Hamlet?” I said, to amuse myself as well as Mommy, who was just leaving the room.


Oh, crap.  I was joking.  Oh well.  So I sang him the “What A Piece Of Work Is Man” number, from HAIR.  Good thing I didn’t say Macbeth.



Ann said...

My middle son sang that in his university's production of Hair.

Gonzo Joe said...

"Is this a dagger I see before me?"



"You're scaring me."

Gonzo Joe said...

I should only add that "Out, damn'd spot, Out I say!" seems only too appropriate to child rearing.

Duane said...

Can't say I've used the "out damned spot" line, but during those newborn weeks I was certainly known to sleepwalk!