Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sesame Street Shakespeare


You know, when I found a list of YouTube clips featuring Sesame Street doing Shakespeare, I was very excited.  With 3 little kids running around my house I'm one of those adults who'll giggle hysterically every time Cookie Monster eats poor Prairie Dawn's letter of the day.  There's a surprising number of references for adults to be found in the show (I once saw Grover make a Cherry Orchard reference).

Alas, the skits just aren't that good.  Having a bunch of puppets running around adding "eth" and "ooth" to the ends of all their words does not make for a Shakespeare skit, in my booketh.

Although the Waiting For Godot one is pretty good, if only for Cookie Monster's description.

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Craig said...

Oh, hey, I just thought they were silly fun. I do share your annoyance that they don't bother to get the archaisms correct--there are presumably English majors working on this show, right? It's not that hard to get the "eth"s and "est"s correct: Thou DOST, he DOTH. Maybe the kids seeing this stuff have a hidden association with happier times when they finally get around to cracking the spine on a Shakespeare play in school?

You're right, though, that "Waiting for Godot" is the best of the lot. "Why couldn't they do 'Oklahoma?'"