Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Book Of Air And Shadows : Contest Over

Hi everybody,

It's April 1 and as I said, no joke, I'm giving away 3 copies of Gruber's The Book of Air and Shadows.  Names were chosen randomly via the guy in the cube next to me who had no idea what he was picking random slips of paper off my desk for. 

Winners have been notified, and hopefully will get  back to me soon with their shipping info. 

Thanks for playing!  Maybe some nice publisher will send me some more books to give away soon.  Something to think about, you know, for any authors who happen to hang out here who might be working on their next novel.  :)  I'm just sayin.


David Blixt said...

Duly noted. And let me add that THE MASTER OF VERONA comes out in trade paperback on September 16th.

Gedaly said...

Why do publishers send you stuff? I want free books! :-p

bkclubcare said...


Mary_Freebies said...

I won one copy! Thank you!