Thursday, March 27, 2008

Speaking of Animated Romeo and Juliet

Last week or so I was all about "Sealed With A Kiss", a children's animated version of Romeo and Juliet with sealife.  Well here comes another one.  This time it's in 3D!  That's different.  Instead of sea lions, we'll have sparrows and pigeons.  Russian ones, to be precise.


kj said...

Did anything ever come of this? The link is broken, and I'm not sure what the title was to have been.


Duane said...

That link is roughly the same age - but is still active, one, and two it has more details about the plot and name of the movie.

Although this article says that the movie was slated for 2009 release, I find no mention of it in the IMDB.

Duane said...

Even more info, although there's a note at the bottom (late 2008) that the film was "near collapse" and might not come out.

It is listed elsewhere in some filmography type stuff for the main actors, but only ever as a stub, never with any detail.