Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peter Brook


I don't know much about Peter Brook, other than the absolutely fall-over-yourself raving that Rosenbaum has for Brooks' production of Dream back in the 60's (in a good way, that is).  I happened upon this PDF, which is apparently a book excerpt dated 2005, that provides much more about the man - Brook, not Rosenbaum.


Alan K.Farrar said...

'The Empty Space' is a short 'theory' book Brook wrote donkey's years ago - a must for anyone who is interested in theatre.
Brook worked at the RSC for a time - and has his own international theatre in Paris now. There is a good extract of a recent Hamlet on 'You Tube'.
If it wasn't so expensive for its size, I'd recommend 'Evoking Shakespeare' - a 'provocative' book (more essay) on how Shakespeare is relevant.
I'm just about to post on it so a timely post there El Grek!

Alan K.Farrar said...

(Whoops - forgot to mention it was Brook who directed King Lear with Paul Schofield in it - available cheaply from Amazon (uk).