Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[Offtopic] Anybody out there a high school teacher, or student?

Pardon my breaking from the Shakespeare thing for a bit, but I'm looking to talk to some high school students / teachers about my day job.  As I've mentioned my company offers a service for helping kids get into college (research, transcript management, resumes and profiles, all that sort of stuff).  US only right now.  Anyway, we developers have been tasked with doing some guerilla marketing to get more kids signed up and I thought "Hey, I have an audience that's likely to have high school people in it."

So if you're a high school student, or regularly surrounded by high school students, and you'd like to do me a favor, please drop me a line at (my work address, you'll note).  I'd love to ask you some questions.  Thanks!

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