Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shakespeare Scrabble

The Effing Librarian muses on how Shakespeare could liven up a game of Scrabble.  Because he made up words when he needed them, you see. 

I like it.  It's short, it's funny, go read it.  "There, now it's a word.  Triple word score.  I win.  I'm Shakespeare, motherf**ker!"


Anonymous said...

This blog is really fabulous, and I especially enjoy all of the posts about your kids and the sonnets,

I have a blog that I think you might be interested in linking's a history-related blog, but since I interned for a Shakespeare company this summer many of my thoughts tend toward Mr. Shakespeare (heck, my title even comes from Richard II!)

There isn't too much content up yet, but I have big plans. If you'd like to link with me, I would, of course, lnk to you. In fact, I'm going to link to you anyway.


Duane said...

Thanks, Amelia! Glad you like it (and notice a few more kids stories up today as a matter of fact :)).

And yes you totally earn a link for being 18yrs old, getting a web domain that is a Shakespeare quote (Richard II, even!), and comparing Abraham Lincoln's marriage proposal to Pride and Prejudice!

Good heavens, girl, don't they have videogames and television shows where you grew up?

:) Just kidding, of course.

The.Effing.Librarian said...

thanks for the link. you know, I was worried more about the meter than about it being funny -- I know it's not standard, but I wanted it to have rhythm -- and you can always get a laugh by saying, "I'm Shakespeare, motherf**ker."