Monday, October 01, 2007

Shakespeare Graffiti

I was going to roll right past this picture of a plain old "Everytime you see a 2B you're obligated to mention Or Not 2B" joke, until I thought about the paradox.  It's graffiti.  Deliberately vandalizing the property of someone else.  With a quote from Shakespeare.  I'm curious about the sort of brain that is both capable of holding knowledge about Shakespeare and somehow lacking the bit that says "Don't do that."  I suppose the answer is that the whole to be or not to be thing is just so darned generic at this point that you don't need a brain in your head to recognize it as Shakespeare.  Whoever wrote it probably didn't even know what he was quoting, just heard it someplace.


Geoff said...

If you can get hold of a DVD of the Movie "Yes", directed by Sally Potter, listen to it.

All the dialogue is in iambic pentameters, but played completely straight, so it's a while before it dawns on you. (But I just blew it!)

There's a book, too.

Duane said...

Thanks Geoff. I remember writing about that movie when it came out: