Monday, September 24, 2007

Speaking of King John

The other day I posed the "Which play would you skip" question, and said I would not bother reading/recommending King John.  Several people jumped to the defense of the play.  So I was particularly interested in the above blog, who also asks "Why read this play?"  After, I'll add, saying "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why this is not one of Shakespeare's more popular plays."

No mention of The Bastard, by the way.


David Blixt said...

The Bastard. The Bastard. The Bastard. The Bastard. The Bastard. The Bastard.

Seriously, tell them about the Bastard. He's like Aaron the Moor - a very cool role in an uninspired show.

Ann said...

The Shakespeare Tavern will be doing King John throughout November. They try to do one seldom performed play each season. I'll post about it when the time comes, of course.

The director's notes are here -- BTW, the director has played Puck, Master Ford, and Iago recently, among other roles.