Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hamlet, The Sequel. And No I'm Not Joking

You can imagine that I did quite the double take when I saw "Working on Hamlet 2" in a headline.  Turns out that the plot of this new movie revolves around a drama teacher who decides to write a sequel to Hamlet. Reminds me of all those tv sitcoms that ran with the whole "Re-imagining Hamlet" idea -- Gilligan's Island, Dick Van Dyke, Head of the class, etc..

Here's an opening for you all.  What's the plot of a Hamlet sequel?  Is it all about Fortinbras, or Horatio?  Does young Hamlet make an appearance as a ghost?

Or, option B:  Every American television show that involves high school students has inevitably done an episode arc where the school play is Romeo and Juliet, or Midsummer.  But how many can you name that have done Hamlet?


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Lady Mary said...

They do Hamlet on "The Simpsons", as I recall.

You can read about it in the episode Guide here

hifidel said...

Funny thought, a sequel to Hamlet. I wonder which direction it would go? I am sure it would involve Hamlet's reappearance in ghostly form, wouldn't you think?

I love your blog, by the way!