Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The 778 Best Books of All Time


As composed by BluePyramid.org, whoever they are.  Found via Mental Floss which lists several such lists.  So naturally the first thing I did was search them all for Shakespeare, who appears on only this one.  It's so hard to measure because you have to ask what "book" means.  Is Hamlet a book?  Or only a certain version?  Are we talking about best loved, most read, most purchased?

Anyway, the BluePyramid list is my new best friend because it includes Hamlet(#2), Macbeth(#42), King Lear (#49), Romeo and Juliet (#62), Henry V(#199), The Winter's Tale (#304), The Tempest (#496), Othello (#530) and A Midsummer Night's Dream (#581).

Wait....Winter's Tale?  That's ... different.

Anyway, their list is apparently dynamically compiled based on people entering their own personal top 25 and then scoring accordingly, 1 point for position 25, 25 points for position 1.  So if you want to get Shakespeare an even better showing, go add your tuppence.

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