Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Shakespeare Chronicles

What's almost as good as reading Shakespeare?  Reading books about Shakespeare.  Even better, novels about stuff having to do with Shakespeare.  The Shakespeare Chronicles is a new novel by James Boyle that's released under Creative Commons.  Which, among other things, means that you can download it a piece at a time for free, or get the ebook for $1.50, or get the paperback from Amazon. Your choice!

A novel that is part literary mystery, part historical detective story, built around an obsessive search for the true author of Shakespeare's works.

Stanley Quandary is a professor of English and a very ordinary man.  But then he starts to have the strangest and most realistic dreams, dreams that seem to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all time, to expose a conspiracy of silence that is over 400 years old.  They even suggest a way to win back his estranged wife. Of course, he might be going insane...

Works for me!  Sounds a bit like The DaVinci Code for us Shakespeare geeks.  I've already downloaded my copy.


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