Monday, June 05, 2006

Box Of Books: SHAKESPEARE FOR AMATEURS, "Two Gentlemen Of Verona"

Box Of Books: SHAKESPEARE FOR AMATEURS, "Two Gentlemen Of Verona":

I can't remember if I've linked "Box of Books" before. The author appears to be going through Shakespeare's works one play at a time, and makes no excuses for her opinions. Two Gentlemen of Verona is Shakespeare's worst play, apparently. She hated it.

Next week is Merry Wives.

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Ella said...

Worst - so far! (It's only the second one I've read in this project.) I'm approaching Shakespeare without having read any of his work since high school, so I'm going to appear woefully ill-informed to the fans of this blog.

This site is great, by the way; I'll link here in this week's post.

Duane said...

Correction noted, Ella :). I don't think I realized you'd never read them before, I thought you were just going through them end to end for commentary's sake.

You'd probably be surprised at just how many Shakespeare fans haven't read the complete works. For the most part I've found that people find a play they love and then sort of radiate out from there, reading which others they think will be of similar interest. There are plenty of plays in there that most people have never heard of and will probably never play at your local theatre, so it's hard to motivate yourself to tackle them.