Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Shakespeare death mask genuine?

The Advertiser: Shakespeare death mask 'genuine' [23feb06]: Oooooo, this is cool. I'd never seen this "death mask" before, but apparently new evidence suggests that it may be authentic. I understand that most portraits do not adequately present what Shakespeare really looked like. This gives a whole new angle. Did Shakespeare die of cancer? That's the theory, based on a lump above his eye. In the past it's been accepted that he likely "drank himself to death" although some theories suggest that he had syphilis.

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Preya said...

Wow, how exciting! Where did you read about the lump?

Duane said...,00050003.htm

I thought the article I linked to had the info as well. "But forensic tests normally used to convict criminals have found that he had a life-threatening tumour over his left eye."

william sutton said...

Hi Duane,

i found this article from NYTimes:

and this:

sorry for the length of the links.