Monday, November 28, 2005

Shakespeare My Butt

Ok, this is different. This morning in my Google news I saw a reference to the Canadian band Lowest of the Low whose album "Shakespeare My Butt" is ranked #10 in Top 100 Candian Albums of All Time. Not bad when you consider that Neil Young is on there at #7.

But then, upon googling for more references, I found
Shakespeare My Butt!: From 'Marsupial Elvis' to 'No Place'... on the Trail of the Pointless Quest by John Donoghue which appears to be a completely unrelated book project.


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Anonymous said...

It is related in a tenuous way.... there are several references to the band, hidden or otherwise in the book...and the cover itself pays with the blindfolded Shakespeare is a nod to the bands album cover.

The book itself isn't about Shakespeare or my butt! but it's a fantastic romp through a very funny and chaotic mind. You can read some of the stuff at

Laugh out loud stuff

Well worth a visit

Actually...there is some Shakespeare stuff but just on the website...only on one interesting discussion on who wrote Shakespeares work