Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Hobart Shakespeareans

Oh, somebody else please tell me that they're watching POV - The Hobart Shakespeareans on PBS? I've just started it on Tivo, and I'm loving it.

Here you've got a teacher that comes right out and says "I teach these inner city kids everything the system wants them to learn...and then I teach them Shakespeare because I love Shakespeare, because my dad read it to me at bed time, because I want them to have my passion for it. I use Shakespeare as a microcosm for everything I want them to learn." Nice.

These are young kids -- fifth grade, maybe? I'm wondering how much they "get" Hamlet a little bit. I just listened to a scene where he summarized Hamlet as saying, "Hamlet is about....what? One word. Starts with a D. It's about.....death, right?" Until he said D, my one word would have been "revenge". Before he said one word it might have been "children and parents". I think it's about much more than just death.

Either way, it's still good. I like this guy.

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